The human experience

With development inevitably comes tragedy.
Humanity progressed from using flint to create fire and sustain life
To using weapons to create war and harm.
Technology has incited innovation and
The unfurling of ideas and
A renewed ability to learn, but
Isolates us from our fellow man.
Space exploration quenches our curiosity about our universe but
Could expose unforeseen enigmas,
Like the idea that we are not alone in our world,
Or perhaps even more frightening,
That we are, indeed, alone.
Novelty and enjoyment wears off in relationships
To reveal whether two people can effectively entwine their lives
Through attempts to unite utterly unique understandings of existence.
This is the character of the human experience:
You cannot have joy without pain,
Or growth without injury,
Or love without heartache.
Maybe it’s not until we accept these ideas
That we can truly find repose.


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