There are billions and trillions of thoughts bumping around in your brain everyday

Thousands of neurons are firing, creating a constant stream of feelings and emotions and consciousness;

You focus on only a few of these little connections,

Replaying them over and over, letting them fire again and again

Listening to their destructive messages, trusting what they’re telling you,

Believing these little bolts of electricity that are traveling in your head, unraveling your head.

Think of how many neurons sit idle in your brain that haven’t been fired in a long time,

Because you keep going over and over the ones that tell you everything is shit.

Think of what you could know, analyze, and discover

If only you could push out the anxiety and halt the damaging cycle

To make room for the important unknown.



One thought on “Neurons

  1. I really like this. It is so true. We do keep just firing the same old rubbish thoughts. There are so many other great and wonderful things we could get our brains to work on. My brain has been stuck on firing the same neurons for a while. This has prompted me to see if I can trigger off some different neurons. Thanks

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