I think of closeness

i think of you

of intimacy

of raw hearts

open, bleeding, real


our ugliness, strangeness, heavenliness, opened and closed

the tenderness shared,

connected by a string between two raw hearts…

i crave it in every moment

Do You?



Let’s entomb our love

Beneath sodden earth

Where we can find rest

Away from each other

And slowly unbend our fingers

From their once interwoven shape

And let memories slip away

Into a past life


There is a truth between us, and a truth between any two people, that is rarely acknowledged, not even at the first sign of trouble –
Some discover their truth much too late, many never at all,
And isn’t it tragic that we may never discover the truth about us,
As a pairing –
Let alone, as individuals?
We deserve that much, surely, to understand the objective truth between us?
The subject will inevitably surface in talks with our friends as we reflect upon what we had;
But none of our friends could truly understand us, as a pairing –
Our struggles and joys,
Because our truth may never be realized, not even between us, not even after we have long moved on.
And next to news headlines of terror and poverty, our loss of truth will be only a small sorrow.


I am holding my breath but never releasing it.

Unwillingly bound to my own tragic chronicles,

I just need the chemicals in my brain to leave me alone.

But if the bad is cut out, the good also goes.

So leave me numb, and let me drift.

I hope I can abandon this selfish, deprecating mind

And rearrange my chronicles

To mold a mind that ignores me altogether.