I think of closeness

i think of you

of intimacy

of raw hearts

open, bleeding, real


our ugliness, strangeness, heavenliness, opened and closed

the tenderness shared,

connected by a string between two raw hearts…

i crave it in every moment

Do You?


I have many mixed emotions but I stop and remind myself that life is constantly cycling through strange fluid cycles of change and that this is all normal; and although it makes me anxious, I’m aware that it does, and I can say, “Hush, anxiety! You are dramatizing what is a natural cycle of life,” and I say it is normal to feel a tinge of sadness in the background of everything I do after a moment of separation like the one I just experienced, after saying goodbye for a long time.

this is me letting go of my anxious childhood; rewiring my perspective; challenging my conditioned responses


I’m sorry dear, I’ve been selfish: it’s hard to see clearly when I’m stuck in a fog of my own sadness.

I don’t often get to hold something so delicate and beautiful, I need to be more gentle with you.

And I think I know what I want:

Expansion of my mind; experience; understanding and knowledge; the ability to see the world as it truly is, but to still relish in its beautiful things.

I know that you love to fill your head and heart with other people. I know you don’t miss me as much as I miss you. I’ll just wait quietly in the corner until it’s my turn for attention again.

Is this completely narcissistic?